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Our Work

Below we provide brief information about some of the work that we are invovled with.  Alongside the What we do and About us pages we hope this information helps people to understand our organsiation.  If you would like more information or if you have an idea you would like to discuss please get in touch with us.

The Wheelhouse - Taranaki wide capacity building services

An online portal giving community organisations easy access to a targeted training programme, funding information, developmental resources, a regional community group directory, a mentoring programme and other capacity building advice.

NZ Navigator - capacity assessment tool

NZ Navigator is an on-line self-assessment tool that helps community organisations to review the key aspects of their organisation.

Pathways to Affordable Housing

We are working to explore innovative and effective options to create more sustainable pathways to affordable housing for low income families.

ICT Gateway Social Enterprise

The ICT Gateway aims to respond to the needs of the voluntary and community sector by building the capacity of these organisations to effectively plan and utilise Information and Communication Technology.

New Horizons Aotearoa

New Horizons Aotearoa is an initiative working with vulnerable or disadvantaged students in years 7 and 8 (intermediate age). The programme works with a partner school providing students with mentorship once per week in a practical, workshop environment

Keystone Services

A service support and development initiative that will enable start-up community based programmes and longer-term services to develop.

Rural Research

Working with a range of partners we are working to better understand the socio-economic, cultural, environmental and spiritual issues that are impacting on the wellbeing of rural communities, including non-agricultural communities.

Church in Rural Communities

The Anglican Church is present in most rural communities and can be a powerful player supporting rural sustainability. We aim to understand what is being done ? and what could be done.

Social Isolation and an Ageing Population

We aim to research and help enable innovative responses to the needs of older people. Our priority focus points are the lived experience of older people in rural communities and intervention to reduce the impact of social isolation.

The Incredible Years Parent Programme

The Incredible Years is a series of interlocking, evidence-based programmes for parents, children and teachers, supported by over 30 years of research. The Bishop's Action Foundation supports the delivery of the parent programme in Taranaki.

Seasons for Growth Programmes

Seasons for Growth is a peer support programme for young people aged 5-18 who are suffering grief and loss. Programmes are available across Taranaki.

Leadership Seminars

We facilitate opportunities to bring diverse groups of people together to explore new ways of approaching current issues.

Collaborative Projects in the Community Sector

The Foundation is facilitating a number of collaborative projects within Taranaki. Some of these initiatives are profiled below and in the linked report.

Regional Ministry Leadership

The Foundation is continuing to support the development of an innovative regional church framework for mission within the Anglican Church of Taranaki.

Spirituality and Well-being

We are part of a national steering group exploring the concept of spirituality, its relevance to current society and its potential impact on well-being.

Holiday & After School Programmes

The Foundation is supporting the development of high quality holiday and after school care programmes for high need communities.

Bishop's Action Foundation, PO BOX 547, New Plymouth, 4340

Bishop's Action Foundation - New Plymouth, Taranaki