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How we work

Our Heritage






A Catalyst for Change

We embed Christian values within a community development approach working alongside and with communities from a point of generosity to achieve lasting change.

We believe that responses to needs should be based on relationships and partnerships so that they are sustainable and do not depend entirely on the ongoing work of the Foundation. By being a catalyst for change rather than the owner of change we ensure that we retain the capacity to be creative and innovative into the future.


Communities where people can flourish


Support the Office of the Bishop of Taranaki to contribute to spiritual, social, economic, environmental and cultural well being.


  1. To develop innovative and relevant mission and ministry initiatives.
  2. To contribute to the development of leadership in both church and community.
  3. To contribute to community education, health and well being.
  4. To secure increased research capacity to underpin and inform the work of the Foundation and other organisation.
  5. To lead informed discussions of public issues and values
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Bishop's Action Foundation, PO BOX 547, New Plymouth, 4340

Bishop's Action Foundation - New Plymouth, Taranaki