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We seek to improve social outcomes by leading, facilitating and participating in cross-sector groups of partners to design and implement innovative and collaborative approaches that transform an often inefficient and fragmented system and lead towards lasting positive change.

As a backbone organisation we work to enable collaborative approaches to issues.  Our main focus is on ensuring that the collaborative partners can generate better outcomes by working effectively together than they could achieve by working separately.

In order to be effective as a backbone organisation we provide six functions which we deliver over the lifecycle of an initiative:

  1. Guide vision and strategy among partners;
  2. Support and enable aligned and/or innovative activities
  3. Establish shared and appropriate measurement practices
  4. Build a growing base of support and energy
  5. Advance policy change at a system level where this is required for sustainability and lasting change
  6. Mobilize funding at seeding, piloting, and operational stages

If you are involved with a collaboration or need help building a collaborative response come and talk with us.

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