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Service Delivery

Service Delivery & Support

Keystone Services offers start-up support for emerging programmes and services or a longer-term home for established programmes or services which align with the core aims of the Foundation and are better supported through Keystone Services than by another organisation or an entity in their own right.

Criteria for initiatives wishing to join Keystone Services

  • The initiative’s purpose must align with BAF’s broad objectives;
  • The initiative has a clear purpose, key objectives and a plan of action;
  • The initiative can evidence a need for the services in the community;
  • The support needs of the initiative can be met by one of the functions within Keystone Services;
  • The initiative can cover the minimum service fee where this applies;
  • If the initiative is not part of a legal entity it will need a definable structure and clear lines of responsibility;
  • The initiative must be willing to sign the Memorandum of Understanding and commit to the terms of Keystone Services

Advantages to Participating Initiatives

Governance (in progress)

  • Oversight for pilot initiatives including establishing steering groups;
  • Appropriate processes and running meetings;
  • Support to transition to longer-term governance / entity structures


  • Direction / strategic planning from pilot to fully fledged initiative;
  • Policy development and review;
  • Developing longer-term organisational culture;
  • Establishing effective relationships;
  • Building collaboration.

Financial Management

  • Account policy and process;
  • Formal accounting service for pilot initiatives including financial reporting for small entities;
  • Developing longer-term and sustainable funding strategies.

Human Resources

  • Employment of staff for pilot projects (employers agent role);
  • Payroll.

Risk Management

  • Identifying relevant risks for pilot and beyond;
  • Developing risk monitoring processes;
  • Strategic risk mitigation.


  • Reporting on pilot activity to demonstrate impact;
  • Keeping up with national and regional policy and legislative developments.


  • Printing and resource development;
  • High level administrative services for smaller entities.

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